uitspreken to pronounce [prəә’nauns]

We provide lessons in pronunciation and conversational English.

It can be as simple as finding the confidence in your English before facing an English language situation.  Situations such as giving a presentation, a meeting with native English speakers, an interview for a new position or even a move to an English speaking country.

If you have an important meeting coming up, a chat with a native speaker can reassure you and refresh your language skills. 

Pronunciation can also hinder the delivery of your message, we have developed techniques to address some of the common problems experienced by native Dutch speakers.

Tessa set up the concept of English for lunch lessons with Lianne Bergeron. The idea is to provide an informal extra-curricular setting for young children to start learning English. Lianne’s courses are running in Monnickendam and Tessa set up lessons with Marianne Schrijver and Elze Oosthoek in Hilversum.

So far, a course of 8 lessons has been completed.  It was lots of fun.  We teach using songs and games and it became clear from the start that the kids enjoyed the experience immensely.  The goal is to lay an early basis for the children to learn English from.  We were amazed by their enthusiasm and the ability of the kids to adopt an English accent. It is also wonderful to be greeted on the way to school some mornings with a cheerful 'Good Morning Juf Tessa!'.

Clients include:

  • Stibbe, Amsterdam
  • Fabritiusschool, Hilversum

De nl vlag