corrigeren to correct [kəә’rekt]

Some documents only need a quick reassuring read through to eliminate any obvious errors; a misplaced ‘with’ or ‘to’ can make a difference, not only to the interpretation of a document, but also to the impression of the writer.  While your English document is being corrected recurring errors will be highlighted, helping you to develop and improve your English language skills.

On hand for quick checks. 

We can be available at short notice to quickly check documents such as important memos, reports and emails.  If needed, in a matter of minutes we can give you the reassurance you need so that your message is delivered on time and in perfect English.

CV's and application letters.

We have edited a number of CV's. LinkedIn profiles and application letters, removing any errors and suggesting possible adjustments in style to optimize the profile of the applicant.

Larger documents, PHD theses.

We have worked on a number of medical documents, namely theses and presentations, websites and Powerpoint presentations.

Speedy correction and editing of PhD theses are also a speciality.

"The English correction of scientific, medical and academic texts was performed correctly and promptly"  A Medical Research Doctor

Clients include:

  • Clearly Business (Barclays/ABN-Amro)
  • A venture capital fund in the life sciences sector
  • De Beheercompagnie
  • Private individuals 

“The two words, ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things.  Information is giving out; communication is getting through”

Sydney J.Harris (American Journalist and Author 1917-1986)

De nl vlag